Sunday, April 21, 2013

What a heat....

So yesterday was a very bad day for working. It was quite hot when I left my house very early in the morning. We had calima and the temp. was around 30º C. Here in Puerto Rico it was much nicer; we had around 23ºC at about 5:00. The real problem was during the day: we reached up to 40ºC!!
When I left I took a picture of my cars thermometer:
It's not a good pic... but you can see the temp is over 40 at about 15:30!!Today it seems that it is going to be much better:

Today it was much better when I left my home in the early morning :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Two Toyota Prius finaly started working

Today it's the first time I've seen the new Toyota Prius Plus finaly working here in Puerto Rico. If I'm right both started working yesterday. One of them is licence number 18 and the other 155. Currently they seem to be driving very slowly... let's see how they drive in a few weeks time :P
It took quite long for them to start working as they where probably waiting for the 7 seater permission. There are no 7 seaters here in Mogan; max 5. I thing it has not been approved yet, and I think that it won't happen either. Let's wait and see ;)