Monday, February 18, 2013

Rain in Arguineguin!

It has just started raining in Arguineguin a few minutes ago. Nice; we really need some rain as it has been a long time we haven't had some. Looks like it s raining in Playa del Ingles as well. That's nice! Hopfully it keeps raining few a few hours!!

Half a Million Kilometers passed!

So today is the day that our taxi has passed the 500.000 km mark. Not without problems as today the battey broke and lost some of the acid. The smell inside the car was quite disgusting but afer a few minutes it was gone :) Half an hour later I was on the road again ;)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reaching 500.000

I'm glad to post that our car is now reaching half a million kilometers without any major problems. It's ben almost 2 years now we started working with this car and it is really giving us good results. We haven't spend over 2,500€ in repairs sso that is really great.
Recently many Mercedes have ben replaced by Toyotas here in Mogan and they are also giving great results. The few Seat Altea we had alare slowely dissapearing and also being replaced by Toyotas. There is also a Prius Plus that should start working soon; the first hybrid car as a taxi here in the south of the island :) I'm really looking forward to see how this car will perform here in Mogan with all these hills and turns :)