Friday, May 31, 2013

Prices for Puerto de Mogan lowered

Yesterday I was talking to my boss about changing the prices of our transfers to Puerto de Mogan as it should be cheaper now due to the new morotway. After thinking about it he agreed and decided to apply the same price that we currently charge for transfers to and from Taurito: 53€ for up to 4 passengers and 58€ for 5 passengers. The prices for more than 5 passengers will not be changed. This means that from now on our customers will pay 6€ less for a return trip to Puerto de Mogan. I've updated the website with the new prices and travel times:

I'll have to contact all of the customers who have already booked with us to let them know :)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

What a heat....

So yesterday was a very bad day for working. It was quite hot when I left my house very early in the morning. We had calima and the temp. was around 30º C. Here in Puerto Rico it was much nicer; we had around 23ºC at about 5:00. The real problem was during the day: we reached up to 40ºC!!
When I left I took a picture of my cars thermometer:
It's not a good pic... but you can see the temp is over 40 at about 15:30!!Today it seems that it is going to be much better:

Today it was much better when I left my home in the early morning :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Two Toyota Prius finaly started working

Today it's the first time I've seen the new Toyota Prius Plus finaly working here in Puerto Rico. If I'm right both started working yesterday. One of them is licence number 18 and the other 155. Currently they seem to be driving very slowly... let's see how they drive in a few weeks time :P
It took quite long for them to start working as they where probably waiting for the 7 seater permission. There are no 7 seaters here in Mogan; max 5. I thing it has not been approved yet, and I think that it won't happen either. Let's wait and see ;)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Motorway opened after 21:00!!

This is funny: today at 12:00 there were fireworks because of the great opening of the new motorway to Mogan. I left at 16:00 and the motorway wasn't open yet. I called my college at about 22:00 and he told me that they opened the road just a few minutes back! So the road was open to the traffic after 21:00!! 
So maybe tomorrow I'll be able to give it a try ;)

New Motorway open!

Today is the day that the new road from Puerto Rico to Mogan will be opened. I don't know at what time this will be but I hope I get a chance to drive down to Mogan and give a a try :)
The trip is only 6,5 Kilometres long and has 4 new tunnels. There is an access to Taurito as well but only driving from Puerto Rico, not from Mogan. So if you drive from Mogan to Taurito or the other way arround you'll still have to use the old road. 

I drove by at about 12:00 and they were fireworks so I think they will open it soon :)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Rain in Arguineguin!

It has just started raining in Arguineguin a few minutes ago. Nice; we really need some rain as it has been a long time we haven't had some. Looks like it s raining in Playa del Ingles as well. That's nice! Hopfully it keeps raining few a few hours!!

Half a Million Kilometers passed!

So today is the day that our taxi has passed the 500.000 km mark. Not without problems as today the battey broke and lost some of the acid. The smell inside the car was quite disgusting but afer a few minutes it was gone :) Half an hour later I was on the road again ;)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reaching 500.000

I'm glad to post that our car is now reaching half a million kilometers without any major problems. It's ben almost 2 years now we started working with this car and it is really giving us good results. We haven't spend over 2,500€ in repairs sso that is really great.
Recently many Mercedes have ben replaced by Toyotas here in Mogan and they are also giving great results. The few Seat Altea we had alare slowely dissapearing and also being replaced by Toyotas. There is also a Prius Plus that should start working soon; the first hybrid car as a taxi here in the south of the island :) I'm really looking forward to see how this car will perform here in Mogan with all these hills and turns :)